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Letter to our Community    We value healthy outdoor activity and learning for our student athletes and community. We value safe and sustainable surfaces at the GDRHS.

Letter to our Community

We value healthy outdoor activity and learning for our student athletes and community. We value safe and sustainable surfaces at the GDRHS.


Over the past year, we formed a non-profit charity, GDatPlay, and have worked diligently to bring about safe, sustainable field renovations to our public high school’s campus. Known as the Fields Renovations Project at the GDRHS Main Stadium, it is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) capital project with the GDRSD. The GDRSC authorized this community asset- renovation of the stadium field to an all season, multi-purpose & sports complex – to be privately funded, built, and gifted to our school and community. The Project will commence when all funds are in place. The project is responsibly engineered with our New England environment in mind. It will bring a sustaining 25 year asset to our community, affect thousands of student lives, sustain our public schools with revenues, and invigorate “Eat Stay Play” commerce in our town. This new “Eat Stay Play” revenue stream for the public schools benefits us all in our community. It can bring our community together to promote healthy, wellness activity for all ages. We are thrilled to be a part of it and invite you to come be a part of
it as well!


Read more about us, the surface or Donate Now.


Photos by Ed Niser and Nancy Ohringer


The Project



GDatPlay formed when a group of concerned parents and school administrators took the initiative to research replacing the stadium grass with synthetic turf. In 2016 GDatPlay consulted with Gale Associates to create a feasibility study. Since Gale's findings - to replace the grass in the stadium while keeping the remaining grass fields viable - GDatPlay has earned permits and approval from town and school committees and agencies to raise funds for the turf and the future replacement of the turf. GDatPlay will gift the field and funds to the the Groton Dunstable Regional School District, who will then own and control the field.

Please review the Nov. 3, 2016 Information Night Presentation (ppt).


The project constitutes major and minor renovations to existing fields on campus. No new fielding will be added. The goal is to create a campus of fields which can sustain the level of use and be safe and more affordable to maintain here in New England weather.  The current installation, after 13-20 years of use, needs repair and improvement.  The Fields Renovation Project consists of installing a synthetic turf field in the stadium complex (currently has lighting), improving all natural turf fields that currently exist on campus, and if deemed necessary after the first 2 phases are complete, installing a second synthetic turf field in place of the current natural turf.




The project first phase begins with installing a synthetic turf field inside the track at the main stadium which currently has lighting.  GDatPlay, working with Gale Associates and town officials, have secured town permitting for the project. 

The second phase is the improving of all existing natural turf surfaces to excellent conditions. The third phase, if necessary, will be to install a second synthetic turf field at an existing location TBD.


Like similar communities around us, we will raise the funds necessary by private means only. 

A communication and capital campaign to engage the entire community is kicking off in 2017. Our capital campaign will focus on a Dual Surface approach to sustainable field maintenance at GDRHS. Donate now!


Ellen Ferraro, Paul Ferarro, Jeanne Niemoller, Lynette Fisher, Mickey Higgins, Robert Mullins, Chris Davey, Jack Petropolous, John Giger, Mike McCaffrey, Mike Woodlock, Rick Arena and Sarah Eisenklam. Contact us.



The Surface

The 2015 and 2016 G-D girls lacrosse teams won the Central Mass Division II championships and went to the finals and semi finals of the state tournament. In both cases, tournament games had to be played elsewhere because tournament games must be played on synthetic turf.


Synthetic and natural turf...

GDatPlay is committed to a Dual Surface approach to field renovations - a safe, sustainable and successful model used by hundreds of communities in the Commonwealth. We are actively analyzing alternative fill media for use in the synthetic field  to replace the current natural turf at the GDRHS "stadium." Installing the synthetic turf field first allows more activity to be moved to this field while phase 2 improvements are made to existing natural turf. 

Synthetic turf costs 80% less to maintain than natural turf.

It is not fiscally prudent to continue to have only natural turf surfaces in New England with the number of teams and sports our community encourages and currently supports.

Donate to support this project.




By the Numbers



Student athletes daily utilize the fields at GDRHS.


Of schools in the Commonwealth of Mass. have installed a synthetic field as part of their campus.


GD activities are rescheduled due to inclement weather.


Wasted on buses, alternative field rentals, and time annually to reschedule events.




In the current capital plan to rehabilitate existing fields.


Is saved over a 12-year period by installing one synthetic field vs. maintaining natural field.


Community members who will directly benefit from improving the fields at GDRHS.


A family will pay in athletic fees for their student (2) to play 17 athletic seasons while at G-D.




LESS it costs to maintain a synthetic field vs. a natural field.


Additional team events can be scheduled on GD's campus after renovations.


Is saved over a three-year period by installing one synthetic field vs. maintaining natural field.




CONTACT US, or Make a Gift

GDatPlay is currently asking for donations toward this safe, sustainable and successful project.
We are seeking all types of donors and partners.  Contact us below for more information.To make a donation online,
visit the
Make a Gift Page. 


For assistance please contact us! 

GDatPlay President: Bob Mullins,


Brick Benefit: Lynette Fisher,

Business/Corporate On Field Sponsorship: Rick Arena,

General GDatPlay contact : Jeanne Niemoller, 

Sustaining Donor Program: Lynette Fisher,
www.gdatplay.netGdatPlay, Inc. (501(c) 3 non-profit)  P.O. Box 486 Groton, MA01450

Press Releases:   Jeanne Niemoller,